Balancia - consultants in sustainable mobility

Are you looking for a sustainable urban transport solution… …

… …for your city or metropolitan area?

We are specialists in conducting sustainable transport studies and deliver innovative solutions to:

  • reduce traffic congestion through the development of a sustainable urban transport vision;
  • introduce new metro, light rail or bus rapid transit routes;
  • optimise your public transport network and increase the share of public transport use;
  • calculate and reduce transport related CO2 emissions.

Based in the Netherlands, we have project references in Africa, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

To achieve the right solution for your city or metropolitan area, we offer specialised services in:

  • sustainable urban transport visions;
  • public transport networks;
  • low-carbon land transport.

We are Balancia - consultants in sustainable mobility - and we are proud to work for you!

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We have a record of international references. Do you want to know more about Balancia's experience? In our references page you can find the projects we work(ed) on that show our expertise in sustainable transport.

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